Selling Your Home? Hire A Home Inspector First

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Selling a property can be a lengthy process, particularly for an individual who is ready to move to their new home. Because of this, most people want to get through the selling process as fast as they can. However, there is one step of the selling process that no seller should ever try to skip: the home inspection. Although it may seem like adding an additional item to the selling process will slow everything down, the home inspection is an incredibly important and beneficial step for sellers. Keep reading to learn the benefits and importance of a pre-sell home inspection.

Peace of Mind

One of the worst things that could happen to as a seller is to have a buyer ready and willing to sign the papers for the home only to discover that there are issues with the property when they hire an inspector to perform a home inspection. This will either cause them to walk away from the deal completely, or it will provide them with some power in the negotiations—neither of which you want to happen. However, if you get a home inspection before placing the home for sell, you will know the condition of the home and let buyers know the same upfront so that there are no surprises for anyone.

Accurate Pricing

A home inspector can help ensure that your home is priced right when it is placed on the market. With a home inspection, an inspector will be able to identify any potential problems areas of the home, allowing you to set the asking price at an amount that will minimize negotiations between you and a potential buyer.

Maximized Profits

If you are able to schedule a home inspection well enough in advance of placing your home on the market, you will have ample time to perform repairs on your home. In a number of cases, remedying the issues that are located during the inspection will allow you to end up with more money in your pocket at the end of everything since you will be increasing the property value of the home and be able to set a higher price.

Quicker Selling Process

A lot of homebuyers will get cold feet when they believe that there may be some undiagnosed issues with a piece of property that they are wanting to purchase. This fear can be prevented by showing buyers the results of a pre-sell inspection. When buyers know the condition of a home, the selling process will go quicker because there will be fewer hurdles that you will need to clear.

If you would like to learn more about the importance of a pre-sell inspection or other steps that you can take to speed up the sell of your home, contact a real estate company in your area.