Why You Should Consider An Open House Plan

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If you are shopping for a house, you should consider buying one with an open house plan. Below are some of the advantages of such houses.

Improved Socialization

For a family living in a home with a closed house plan, there is a real chance that everyone will be secluded in their room minding their own business. That will do nothing for your family socialization. An open house plan, however, forces different members of the household to interact with each other at all times. In the end, the constant interaction may help forge closer family ties. 

Natural Lighting

Walls or divisions in closed house plans block natural light from outside. Removing the divisions allows natural light to stream through the windows and doors. Increased natural lighting reduces the need for artificial lighting, which also reduces your lighting-related energy consumption. There is also evidence that natural lighting is more beneficial to human health compared to artificial lighting. 

Space Utilization

Open house plans contribute to better space utilization in various ways. For example, you get to use the space that would otherwise have been occupied by the walls. Also, the absence of the walls means that you don't have to confine house set up and decorations to pre-determined configurations. For example, a couch can extend from the living room into the kitchen, something that would not be possible in a closed house plan. 


Many parents will agree that even a minute without supervision is enough for a child to do something crazy and trigger a disaster. In an open house plan, you can keep an eye on your kids as you go about your chores. You can never tell what your kids are up to if they are locked up in their rooms.

One of the best things about open house plans is the ability to host more company than is possible in closed house plans. The absence of some walls means that you can turn your home into one big hall for your parties.

Illusion of Spaciousness

Your open house plan will feel and look more spacious than a comparable property with a closed house plan. This is partly due to the absence of divisions that would otherwise block your views. Another reason is the abundance of natural light. The feeling of spaciousness can be a huge deal when selling your house since most people love spacious houses. 

Hopefully, you will get the home of your dreams and enjoy the above benefits. Whatever home you want to buy, don't forget to involve a real estate broker in the purchase process to help you follow due process and protect your investment.