Here's How A Military Relocation Real Estate Agent Can Help You

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Are you being transferred to a new military base for work? Here is how a military relocation real estate agent should be able to help you:

They'll Provide Expert Guidance

You can count on your military relocation agent to understand all of the rules and regulations that have to be followed when relocating due to a post reassignment or a change in your family circumstances. They'll know what to look for when checking out prospective landlords and will ensure that all of your rights as an active service member are maintained in the rental application or purchase agreement depending on what type of dwelling you plan to move in to.

Your military real estate specialist will also help ensure that you break any rules in terms of where you buy or rent and how long of a lease you agree to. Your agent will also use their experience to identify landlords who offer special perks to military members so you can save as much money as possible on your move and your ongoing living expenses.

They'll Help You Get Assistance

Another thing your military relocation real estate agent should be able to do is help you get some assistance if it's available to you. Depending on your specific military status, you may qualify for one or more affordable housing programs. Some assistance programs may help cover your monthly rent or mortgage expenses, while others might pay for some of your property taxes and insurance policies.

Your real estate agent will identify which programs you qualify for, help you apply for them, and make sure that you receive the benefits in a timely manner. They can also help you make claims and report changes when necessary as time goes on.

They Can Get You Out of Your Lease

You may be getting relocated to another facility at a time that requires you to break your current lease. Luckily, you don't have to eat all of the costs that typically come with breaking a rental lease. Your real estate agent will help you prove to your landlord that you don't have any other choice due to being under the orders of the United States military. They will provide you with written notice and proper documentation to present to your landlord that will legally obligate them to let you out of your lease without any penalty fees.

Contact your military home relocation agent today to learn more about how they can help you get settled in a new home quickly and painlessly.