4 Ways To Enjoy The Fresh Air When Buying A Condo

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While you may feel tempted to buy a single-family home for various reasons, you may end up deciding that you are most interested in a condo. This may happen because you love the idea of living in a place with a built-in community where you also do not have to worry about extensive upkeep because the condo association will handle all the work with the landscape and building exterior.

If the one thing that you are a little worried about is not getting the same amount of fresh air and outside time as you would in a house, you should follow several tips when buying a condo.

Large Property

Some condos that you find may come with a small building and a couple of shared amenities. The property itself may not be that large, and outdoor amenities may not exist at all. The great thing is that you can avoid these condos and find ones with large properties quite easily.

For instance, you should consider prioritizing large condo communities that have a lot of outdoor space and paved walkways because you can enjoy walking around at any time.

Rooftop Deck

Buying a condo with a rooftop deck as an amenity is also worthwhile because you can go up there to take in all the direct sunlight and fresh air in the middle of the day. If you love feeling warm or cool breezes on windy days, you will appreciate the unobstructed wind that you get on a rooftop.

Outdoor Pool

If you enjoy outdoor activities such as swimming, you should get an outdoor pool with your condo. Not only will you be able to go out and swim on your own when you need fresh air or want to enjoy an outdoor activity, but you can invite family and friends to enjoy the pool as well.


A large property, rooftop deck, and outdoor pool are all things that you may enjoy having as a condo owner, but you should not underestimate the importance of fresh air in your own condo. This is something that you can easily get on a reliable basis with a balcony. For instance, you can open the sliding glass door to bring in fresh air while you are spending time inside the home.

Getting a large balcony of your own may be worth demanding if you know that you are more willing to go outside when you can set up furniture or maintain privacy.

Buying a condo with these tips will help you get fresh air and outside time easily and regularly.

To learn more about your condo options, contact a real estate agent.