Buying a Home with a View? Act Now to Protect It

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Are you looking for a home with a view? If this is important to you, one of the best things you can do is to take steps now to protect that view. How? Here are four key ways to protect your view.

1. Buy High. The higher the ground on which your home sits, the better that view will stay. Even if building is done in between your home and the endpoint of the view, you have a much better chance of staying above it all. So, take the high ground when possible — even if it may cost a bit more now. 

2. Build Strategically. If buying a piece of land on which to build a home, plan your structure and layout to maximize it. Public areas of the home should look out onto the view from more than one angle in case one angle gets blocked. You may also want to opt for a two-story structure both for added enjoyment of the view and also to maintain it if building occurs in the area. Consult with an architect to ensure that your view is made a priority in home design. 

3.  Buy Extra Land. Hands down, one of the best ways to protect any view from development is to own that land. If you can opt to buy more land now, do so. While this isn't a choice many urban home buyers will have, most rural landowners have more options. Even if you think it won't be possible, though, look into it. You may be surprised to find that other owners are willing to part with unused land if they get a decent offer. 

4. Become a Landlord. Think about pieces of property that would make the most impact on your view if something changed. It could be your neighbor's house that one property across the road where the sun sets most nights. Keep your eye on that land in case it comes up for sale—or if you can convince an owner to sell. Now you control that view. Then, set it up as a rental unit so that it pays for itself. 

Which of these strategies can you utilize in order to find and protect the best view possible? No matter what you opt for, proactive steps during and after the home buying process will help keep that lovely view for years to come. For more information, contact services that have homes for sale.